The context and the objectives:
The protection of the environment has become a topic of global debate
since the Kyoto Protocol of 1997, among others. This treaty on climate
change held nations responsible for reducing their greenhouse gas
emissions which were recognised as being the cause of global warming.
Various Countries, all over th world, are searching for new and innovative
methods of reducing their carbon footprint. Sprot, as a global industry has
become more and more aware of its social responsibility to reduce its
carbon footprint and raise awareness of environmental sustainability.
The project participants will physically meet to develop a
“Sustainability Roadmap for Skills" in 4 stages:
to let the Partners, characterized by different operational backgrounds
and areas of expertise, reciprocally transfer, complement and combine
the technical, job-related hard skills of their staff, as well as the softer
personal qualities, attitudes and attributes, namely team working,
reliability, motivation and ambition (soft skills), to originate and develop
new original skills, to use in everyday operations, able to have positive
impacts on target groups, organizations themselves and communities.
EquiS - Equilibri Sostenible

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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The project Warm-up - Let’s warm up the climate for sport
aims at exploring and identifying good practices connecting in
innovative and original ways physical activity and sport to
environmental sustainability as driver to attract more people and
become more physically active . The Partners wish to encourage,
through the acquisition of the good practices the development of new
skills, reinforcing the capacities as regards the update and renewal of
their value and organizational strategies, with a positive impact on local
communities. The project kick-off meeting has been held virtually...