- Raise awareness on the need to restore environmental, social and
gender balance, as a basis for a society that is conscious, equitable,
transformative and inclusive.
- Encourage education for citizens as a tool to achieve social and
environmental responsibility.
- Encourage healthier and more sustainable lifestyles, practice of sport
and physical activity.
EquiS - Equilibri Sostenible is active Member
the network of more than 1,000 organizations
committed to environmental, social and
economic sustainability, which collectively build a
responsible city with people
and the environment.
EquiS - Equilibri Sostenible

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

email: sostenibilitatambiental@gmail.com
Copyright Equilibri Sostenible - EquiS 2020
Equilibri Sostenible - EquiS
was founded to explore, investigate and implement original
synergies targeting sustainable development within different
spheres of societies, in order to:
- promote environmental, social and economic sustainability, -
- protect and valorize cultural and natural heritage, through sport,
cultural and training events and initiatives.