Project: "Changing the climate for
lifelong learning through sustainability"
The need to balance environmental, social, economic objectives
is a prominent and recurring challenge across all areas of the
policy making as well as in the agenda of other stakeholders.
Equally clear are the competing priorities and practical dilemmas
that arise from the simultaneous pursuit of economic growth,
environmental protection and social progress. How to achieve a
desired balance is therefore one of the crucial preoccupations
and the development and adoption of innovative
training and learning methodologies is paramount... learn more
An innovative and original training offer

EquiS - Equilibri Sostenible is active in the investigation and application of
concrete training provisions able to impact positively the well-being and
inclusion of individuals, communities and society as a whole. Its original
solutions are conceived as socio-educational intervention in the world of
school and adult education, in inclusive Education, environmental
sustainability in all its spheres. To this aim, it provides structured courses,
wihtin Erasmus+ Learning Mobilities of Individuals, accompanying
interested Organization to submit project proposals and get the funding...
EquiS - Equilibri Sostenible

Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain

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Project: "Warm-up - Let’s warm up the climate for sport"
It aims to exchanging good practices connecting in innovative
and original ways physical activity/sport to environmental
sustainability as driver to attract more people and become more
physically active. The Partners wish to encourage, through the
acquisition of the good practices the development of new skills,
reinforcing the capacities of professionals, with a positive impact
on local communities... learn more